Like most male friendships, everything is assumed, and nothing is spoken of.

Oh, except for once. Just once, and that’s your lot. If you’re going to read it in order, like I did, you’ve got a long time to wait for The Adventure of the Three Garridebs, but patience, and keep reading in order - you’ll be blinking back the tears when the moment comes.

Steven Moffat, Introduction to A Study in Scarlet, BBC Books.


So, I think we can just stop debating about when the love confession/first kiss is going to happen.

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#Why did they delete this scene?#I love this scene so much,#because when the guards bow to him he’s surpised,#he thinks it’s a joke,#he thinks they’re tricking him,#and he look at Frigga for reassurance,#and she tells him he’s king,#can you see the doubt in his eyes?#also he didn’t make himself king,#he was MADE king,#this is so important!

What? This is an important scene!!! He didn’t just jack the throne!